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Robert Price | Bōde Canada

The real estate process feels like it has intentionally been made to be confusing. Robert Price decided he wanted to change that and so created his company Bōde to help. In this episode he discuses his love of tennis, helping people in rural areas get high speed internet, and the decision to strike out on his own as an entrepreneur.

Chris Patrick | author of Disasters to Dreams

Chris Patrick has had some pretty traumatic events happen in his life. But he was able to take those challenges and create something wonderful out of his life. In this episode he tells Kyle why he took up skateboarding, how he opened up his first business, and when he finally made the decision to write a book.

Introducing: Somebody Date Jenn and Kyle

Kyle showcased a new podcast he's co-hosting with Jenn Sanford called Somebody Date Jenn and Kyle.

Podcasting Update

Kyle gives a rundown of the different podcast Media Lab is working on. Let him know your favourite!

Vanessa Jette | Abracadavers

Calgary is becoming the backdrop to many film and television productions. One of those is Abracadavers, which will be bringing out its second season soon. Vanesa Jette joins Kyle to discuss how she came to be hired and her hopes for the future.

David Royer | Dream Rocket Media

Branding is so important for any company today. David Royer joins Kyle to explain how you can strengthen your brand, his history with animation, and why it's never bad to come up with a little song and dance.

Waleed Shah | Photographer

Waleed Shah accidentally became a photographer. While he does have a passion for creating art he also enjoys giving back to the community. In this episode he talks with Kyle about starting out and finding his unique voice.

Tyler McCombs | Devon + Lang

Tyler McCombs had a romantic evening with his wife ruined because of bad underwear. That sparked the idea of a new kind of underwear company. In this episode he talks with Kyle about having the entrepreneurial spirit, finding the right collaborators, and how the company is still adding new ideas.

Gillian Williamson | Studio Lumen

Gillian Williamson took a chance when she moved across the country and then started her own business without knowing anyone in her new city. She joins Kyle to discuss the magic of video, trusting your gut, and why Alberta is unique when it come to entrepreneurship.

Adam O'Brien | Bitcoin Well

Bitcoin can seem convoluted and scary. Adam O'Brien, Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Well, joins Kyle to discuss how he got into Bitcoin in the first place and then took that passion in creating a business that helps to simplify the process for others.

Lisa Bush | Author of City Hall

Lisa Bush is the author of City Hall. It's a mystery set in Calgary! Lisa talks with Kyle about how she came to Calgary, what the past year has been like, and what made her want to write a work of fiction in the first place.

Azren Raju | The Language Nerd

Azren Raju has a business that had a lot of in-person elements. The past year has been different but it allowed Azren to focus on other things. Now he's excited about what the future holds for learning languages and expanding his business.

Alex Sarian | Arts Commons

Alex Sarian started his tenure as President and CEO of Arts Commons in January of 2020. He brought with him a great knowledge of how to run a successful arts organization. He talks with Kyle about what's helped him through the past year and what makes him excited about the future of Arts Commons and Calgary.

Kyo-Jean Chung | Kindling Food Co., Sugar Water, You & I Café and Bakery

Kyo-Jean Chung grew up watching his parents run a café. He knew he also wanted to put his mark on food. Now he's begun two food startups and taken over his parents' café while still looking at ways to innovate. He joins Kyle to discuss coffee, Calgary, and cocktails.

Stafford Arima | Artistic Director of Theatre Calgary

How does a Toronto kid spend 20 years working in New York City theatre and then find themselves in Calgary? In this episode Stafford Arima describes his approach to theatre, how Evita changed his life, and a confrontation with the legendary Elaine Stritch.

Melanie Bahniuk | short documentary OMA

Melanie Bahniuk originally thought that soccer stardom was in her future. But then she got sucked into the world of acting. Now she's also helping to produce the short documentary OMA. In this episode she lets Kyle know how that happened and why Alberta is becoming a better place for theatre and film.

Brett Cassidy and Carson Stewart | The Ashley Hundred

The Ashley Hundred are described as "a psychedelic rock band without boundaries or burdens." Two members of the band, Brett Cassidy and Carson Stewart, join Kyle to discuss how the band was formed, how they've survived the last year, and what the Calgary music scene means to them.

Kyle Simmers and Ryan Danny Owen | Pass Me By: Electric Vice

Pass Me By is a graphic novel described as "an inverted coming of age story about understanding queer identity and what happens to the stories you never tell." Its creators, Kyle Simmers and Ryan Danny Owen, join Kyle to discuss small towns, art degrees, and their new book.

Creative Block | Season 3

Trailer for Season Three!

70. Bruce Tannas | Connect4Commerce

Bruce Tannas has worn a bunch of different hats in his life. But his new venture has been in his mind for a while. In this episode he lets Kyle know how Connect4Commerce allows businesses find the opportunities they're looking for.

69. Jena Rhydderch and Jocelyn Tocher | Authors of Faraway Families

Jena and Jocelyn could see there was a need to connect families that couldn't see each other in-person. Faraway Families reminds readers aged 0-99 that we are always loved, no matter how far apart we may be. In this episode you'll hear how they met, the opportunity they saw, and what lies ahead for them.

68. COVID Diary 2

Just some more things I've been thinking about over the past month in relation to my business, Media Lab.

67. COVID Diary 1

Just some things I've been thinking about over the past couple of weeks in relation to my business, Media Lab.

66. Roel Suasin

Roel Suasin joins Kyle to discuss his journey from dancing to directing. He also details the scary moment he discovered he might not have been as good as he thought he was.

65. Jeff Archibald (of Paper Leaf)

Jeff Archibald stumbled into creating his own company. Now he helps a variety of companies, both large and small, with their design and marketing needs. Learn how he took Paper Leaf from an idea to a company employing a bunch of creatives.

64. Meagan Elemans (of ME Photo)

Meagan Elemans didn't have a grand plan to become a photographer. However, when she noticed the power of the portrait she knew what she needed to do. She has now evolved her company to taking boudoir photos but not in the way that you might think. Meagan talks with Kyle about creating a safe space for her art to flourish.

63. Dee Higdon (of Dee Higdon Creative)

Dee Higdon didn't necessarily plan on owning her business but she took the opportunity when it was presented to her. In this episode she discusses being a journalist, moving to Edmonton, and why she was perfectly suited to write.

62. What's the deal with fiction podcasts?

At the very beginning of podcasting the format focused on people talking about things they were passionate about. Nowadays fiction podcasts are extremely popular and among the top downloaded. Why do they resonate with people? Kyle explains what draws him to the format and debuts a show that Media Lab helped to produce.

61. Will Discover Connection get 1 million subscribers?

Matt Mort returns to the show to discuss what he's been up to for the past year. We discuss the YouTube channel he helps make videos for, Boy Meets World, and tattoos.

60. Can podcasting fix politics?

Politics can be nasty. Cable news turns it into a yelling match every night. So can podcasting bring a new era of insight into politics? Can you disagree without being disagreeable. Perhaps not, but Kyle invites on David Youn to see if they can figure it out.

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