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42. Nathan Horch and Aleisha Anderson (of the film Father of Nations)

Father of Nations tells the story of a group of people that are trying to find a way to survive in a world that has turned into a wasteland. They wander the wasteland, confronted by ravagers, and a dying world that can no longer sustain them. Nathan Horch and Aleisha Anderson tells he tale of how they met, the inspiration for the film, and why it was important to take a few years to film it.

41. Karen Johnson Diamond and Jesselle Laurén (Dirty Laundry)

Karen Johnson Diamond started Dirty Laundry, and improvised soap opera, twenty years ago. Jesselle Laurén starts with the company this year. Listen to see what each has learned about theatre, improv, and the city.

40. Who is David Dobrik?

Kyle has felt out of the loop the last few years. Who is this David Dobrik guy? What does he do? Why do people watch him? Kyle gets Matt Mort on the phone to walk him through all these questions.

39. Jason Mehmel (creative director of Sage Theatre)

Jason Mehmel joins Kyle in an empty auditorium at Pumphouse Theatre. They discuss the upcoming 20th season of Sage Theatre, the upcoming productions, and what the future holds.

38. UNKNOWN Calgary (Eduard Soponar and Stan Rector)

Eduard and Stan might seem like very different people but their goals are aligned. Eduard emigrated to Canada from Romania, Stan grew up in Saskatchewan. And now they are hosting UNKNOWN.

37. July 2019 Update – PodSummit wrap-up, and collaborating with The Chocolate Lab (with David Youn)

Kyle invites David Youn (of Perspectives YYC) to discuss what was learned at PodSummit this year. Then a quick rundown of a chocolate company that Media Lab is collaborating with.

36. Koki Aihara (owner of Shiki Menya)

Ramen 🍜 makes me very happy. So it was a great time talking with Koki Aihara, the owner of Shiki Menya which is one of the best ramen spots in Calgary. He discusses what it took to open up the restaurant, the career path he initially set out on, and what he's looking forward to in the future. Plus we discuss hip hop bands, Banff, and collecting cookbooks.

35. Zach Polis (St. Albert’s Poet Laureate)

Zach Polis was first obsessed with animals and then found himself pulled into the worlds of poetry and filmmaking. Now, as St. Albert's Poet Laureate, he is an ambassador of culture and looks to promote other artists in the province. In this conversation we also talk about being a zookeeper, performing Shakespeare soliloquies, and Paddington Bear.

34. Chris Taniguchi (TANIMAYTO)

Chris Taniguchi is not only the artist behind Creative Block's thumbnail, but also all the other shows that Kyle does. Chris gets into how he was obsessed with being fair as a child, how wanting to become an inventor led him into animation, and the secret behind his YouTube name. Also in this conversation they talk about ukuleles, podcast artwork, and Captain America.

33. May 2019 Update – 36 Questions (with Matt Mort)

The show starts with a quick update about what Media Lab has been up to, and then Matt Mort and Kyle Marshall learn a LOT more about each other by asking each other the famous "The 36 Questions That Lead to Love."

32. Spencer Streichert

Spencer Streichert comes on the podcast to discuss some of the wild stories that have happened to him. Currently working in the film industry and as a comedian, that isn't what Spencer started as. Also discussed is standup, rodeos, and Christian Slater.

31. April 2019 Update – Article 17; Spotify buys Gimlet (with Matt Mort)

Matt and Kyle grapple with the new law that was passed in the European Parliament. Is this the end of memes? Also they discuss the news of Spotify buying Gimlet and whether listening to podcasts on Spotify is a satisfying experience.

30. Kelela Doerksen (of Post Traumatic Victory)

Kelela Doerksen was born in British Columbia, moved to Manitoba, and then finally discovered her calling in Alberta. She discusses wanting to become a filmmaker, finding YouTube, and then making the choice to become an entrepreneur. Also discussed is mental health, moving to Red Deer, and moon cafes.

29. March 2019 Update (with Matt Mort)

Kyle and Matt discuss YouTube demonization, Apple sending out an alarming email to podcasters, and a great app to keep yourself organized.

28. Jordan Drake (of DPReview)

Jordan Drake thought we wanted to be filmmaker, then decided he didn't, and then decided he actually did. Listen to his journey from small town Alberta to working with the largest camera review website in North America. Also in this conversation we talk about Roger Ebert, making a living off of YouTube, and camera stores.

27. Phoebe Fung (of Vin Room)

Phoebe Fung came to Calgary to work in the oil and gas sector. After many years of rewarding work she knew that she needed to flex her skills as entrepreneur. What better way than to celebrate her love of food and wine! This is a great discussion about her business Vin Room. Also in this conversation we also discuss drinking in Texas, dogs, and crab cakes.

26. Steve Lazarowych (of Twitch Calgary)

Steve Lazarowych fell in love with video games at an early age. He then discovered later that he was kinda good at creating meetups. He's grown Twitch Calgary to be the place for streamers and streaming enthusiasts to gather in Calgary. We also talk about World of Warcraft, organizing events, and ADHD.

25. Alex Williams

Alex Williams did not like school which is why, obviously, he's becoming a teacher. Along the way to that surprising life choice he's created videos and podcasts. He also values family and friends. There's also talk of fake countries, being mad, and Mormons.

24. PodCon 2019

Kyle was able to attend the second annual PodCon in Seattle this past weekend. While there he capture audio samples of the convention as well as interviews with the attendees about why podcasting is different than other artforms.

23. Morgan Ermter and Jordan Wright (of Abracadavers)

Abracadavers is a new web series that starts with a road trip because of a character's unhealthy obsession with his mother's chair. A couple of the people responsible for the creation of the show, Morgan Ermter and Jordan Wright, talk with Kyle about their earliest obsessions and how they became filmmakers. Other things are discussed as well such as unknown songs, salon chairs, and collecting bugs.

22. Jess Huffman (of The Bridge Coworks)

Jess Huffman started on a farm, went with the army to Europe, and then finally found himself as a business coach in Calgary. This is a great conversation with a man who has seen a lot and who doesn't hesitate to share what he's learned. We also talk about riding horses, moving from America, and MASH.

21. Thomas Thomas

Thomas Thomas is a band that takes its inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s but with a modern twist. Two of the band's members (Thomas Englund and Shannon Thomas) discuss how they met and why they decided to make beautiful music with one another. Plus, there's talk about high school bands, Nirvana, and the colour yellow.

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