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47. Lumen Beltran

Lumen Beltran may be the current title holder of Miss Asia Calgary, but she's an accomplished marketer and online creator. She joins Kyle to discuss representation in the media, the fashion industry, and the benefits of social media.

46. Josiah Sinanan (host of anticulture)

Josiah Sinanan joins Kyle to discuss what growing up in Calgary is like when you're culturally ambiguous. Plus discussions on Oprah, the Olsen twins, and Ira Glass.

45. Why Talk About Movies?

Sometimes you just have to know. I asked David Youn what the first movie he watched was. The answer surprised me, and then things took a turn from there.

44. Adam Morris (of Copperblock Capital)

Adam Morris grew up in Calgary influenced by his parents' entrepreneurial spirit. He took what he learned and started his own business in the construction industry and focused on how to make the world a better place ... with shipping containers.

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