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55. Savanna Harvey (of IGNITE! Festival)

When Savanna Harvey moved to a small town in Alberta she made the choice to become a "theatre kid." That choice has impacted her entire life. She's written and produced her own work for years, but now is helping to produce and organize IGNITE! Festival, dedicated to emerging artists.

54. Justin Bills (pastor of Canyon Creek Christian Fellowship)

Justin Bills is a pastor. But that doesn't mean he doesn't still face the same things that other entrepreneurs do. In this episode Kyle talks with Justin about being a sheltered homeschooled Los Angeles boy, going on a mission to Australia, and then eventually moving to Canada to find his calling.

53. Andrew Scott (of It's a Conspiracy)

Andrew Scott talks about aliens, lizard people, and whether the Earth is flat. But in this interview he tells Kyle about growing up in Grande Prairie, moving to Japan, and then eventually moving back to Canada to start a family and a podcast.

52. Michael Cronin (of Acquire Agency)

Michael Cronin found a lot of success as a young man. Then he had some setbacks. And then he (almost by accident) discovered something that he was really good at. He joins Kyle to discuss that roller coaster of a journey.

51. Griffin Cork

Griffin Cork was born in raised in Calgary. As an actor and producer he wants to build up the industry in this city. He joins Kyle to explain that decision and also discuss why Dungeons and Dragons is necessary.

50. Andrew Cooper (of Theatre Jupiter)

A circus has come to town! Andrew Cooper joins Kyle to discuss musical theatre, the culture of Calgary, and why there's something special about being part of a crowd.

49. Chris Stockton (of Birnton Theatricals)

It feels like the world has been having a string of bad luck. Chris Stockton's company Birnton Theatricals will be putting on the show The Other Josh Cohen soon. Described as a "hilarious rock-and-roll romantic comedy about good guy Josh caught in a lifelong battle with bad luck." It just may be the perfect show for our time. Plus you'll hear about how Chris went from small town actor, to teacher, to unplanned theatre producer.

48. Jenelle Peterson (of The Wild | Life Outdoor Adventures)

Kids are increasingly staying indoors and not exploring what's around them in the natural world. Jenelle Peterson thought of a way to inspire kids to go outside and discover what's around them. Kyle is just happy he gets to open boxes.

47. Lumen Beltran

Lumen Beltran may be the current title holder of Miss Asia Calgary, but she's an accomplished marketer and online creator. She joins Kyle to discuss representation in the media, the fashion industry, and the benefits of social media.

46. Josiah Sinanan (host of anticulture)

Josiah Sinanan joins Kyle to discuss what growing up in Calgary is like when you're culturally ambiguous. Plus discussions on Oprah, the Olsen twins, and Ira Glass.

45. Why Talk About Movies?

Sometimes you just have to know. I asked David Youn what the first movie he watched was. The answer surprised me, and then things took a turn from there.

44. Adam Morris (of Copperblock Capital)

Adam Morris grew up in Calgary influenced by his parents' entrepreneurial spirit. He took what he learned and started his own business in the construction industry and focused on how to make the world a better place ... with shipping containers.

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